Thursday, May 24, 2012

Drawing Monkeys for Kids

Drawing cartoons could be a really enjoyable activity for your youngsters. It makes your youngsters busy in their favorite cartoon drawing and as a parent you will be happy in the fact that they are having a safe and fun time. Normally when youngsters are enjoying their time outside of class mothers get worried regarding their kids and if they finish all of their school work.

 therefore let your kid have fun and watch cartoons on TV and then facilitate him in drawing that cartoon.For example, if your kid desires to draw a monkey then you ought to encourage your child to draw it and guide him to draw cartoon monkey by using straightforward and easy techniques So that your son or daughter can learn to draw without getting frustrated .

To draw a cartoon monkey very first thing you need to happen is to induce the drawing equipment like pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, color pencils and a few white blank papers along. Then you ought to guide your child to draw the monkey step by step. First off direct your child to draw the face of the cartoon monkey. you'll be able to find some inspirational examples in any  kid's magazines you have lying around .Ask your kid to draw a somewhat heart like shape with the assistance of pencil.If your son could successively complete this step then you should see the main section of your monkey . Now tell your child to draw a circle and connect it to the part you did earlier.Now have your kid to draw a mini circle at the tip of the connected circle your child already drew. this can be the nose of cartoon monkey. currently at the highest of the nose, when your done tell your kid to draw 2 egg formed eyes.The next step is to draw the ears of cartoon monkey. For this you ought to raise your child to draw a spherical form and connect it on all sides of the face of monkey. Then draw a curved line within every ear your child drew.Now draw the hair by drawing some zig zag lines then choose drawing of mouth, nostrils and a line on the face.
Now you should have a cute monkey on your paper, hopefully you had fun. Be sure to come back for more drawing lessons

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